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Frappe – A Frozen Twist on Iced Coffee

Imagine mixing the cool refreshment of frozen ice blended coffees. With Fresh Brew, you can! Our frappes come in over 40 flavors—more than any other vendor in Florida—to please every customer.

Clients just like you tell us their customers can’t get enough of this delicious drink! Especially in the Florida heat, customers love this cooling, yet indulgent treat.

The best part is—frappes are easy to make and are one of the most profitable menu items.You can even use the base mix to make your own recipes, or order our all-in-mixes for less operator training. Customize a frappe base with your own coffee and ingredients for a signature drink. With so many options, frappes are boosting beverage sales coast to coast. Let our expert beverage consultants help you determine the most profitable option for your needs and your individual customers’ tastes.

Our premium frappe mixes come in these top-rated brand names:

  • Big Train Blended Ice Coffees
  • Caffe D’Amore Ice Blended Coffee
  • Dr. Smoothie Café Essentials
  • Ghirardelli Frappe
  • Jet Blended Ice Coffee

Give your restaurant, bar or coffee shop an easy beverage menu makeover by serving these delicious frozen frappes! Request a quote from Fresh Brew today or browse our online shop.

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