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Smoothie Supplies and Mixes

Thanks to the Florida heat, our clients tell us smoothie business has never been better! With smoothie supplies and mixes from Fresh Brew, you too can capitalize on the popularity of frozen drinks without spending a fortune. Our full-service solutions help you determine what you need to mix and serve delicious smoothies while keeping costs low.

Great Taste Keeps Customers Coming Back Time and Time Again

Fresh Brew Innovations offers only the best brand name smoothie supplies, so you can confidently serve delicious smoothies, no matter what flavor you blend.

Your customers will love the refreshing, unique flavors available from these five, leading brand name mixes we carry:

  • Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Davinci Smoothie
  • Monin Fruit Purees
  • Dr. Smoothie Organic Fruit Smoothies
  • Monin Smoothies

There’s no need to use up freezer space, our smoothies are shelf-stable and high quality. Every product provides you consistent taste and texture, and the mixes are liquid and easy to make. All our smoothies either use pure cane sugar or no sugar is added. No more sourcing fresh fruit. You serve the best tasting smoothie without paying a big price tag!

As one of the most profitable beverages to serve, smoothies increase business and keep customers coming back time and time again.

We also offer full-service frappes! Don’t miss these decadent frozen beverages.

Learn how to add the profit-boosting power of smoothies to your menu.

We want to help you add smoothies to your menu! Ask our beverage consultants for personalized recommendations on the smoothie supplies and mixes you’ll need. We can even suggest signature drinks just for your shop!

Or, see how much you can save with Fresh Brew as your single vendor. Request a Quote today!

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